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Large format printing

We invest in quality which can be achieved by modern technology of printing.

We offer large format printing, consisting of a set of printing:

  • Printers HP LATEX 260
  • Laminator SEAL 62 PRO
  • Cutting plotter SUMMA D 160

We are able to cater to environmentally conscious customers allowing you to print on various media for a wide range of color latex 100% organic inks.

Odorless prints meet high standards of environmental protection – ideal for hotels, restaurants and schools.

They can be used for use on posters, display cabinets, billboards, outdoor banners and
graphics on vehicles.

HP LATEX offers better quality and flexibility than any other inks in the market. We guarantee the durability of up to 3 years for non-laminated prints.

To extend the life we recommend that customers print lamination, which prolongs their lifespan and warranty to 5 years.

Large format printing

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