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Fascia signs, panels and trays

Fascia signs, panels & trays – are very popular carriers of advertisement or information.

They can be single or both sides, with very various shapes (circles, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.).

They are illuminated by LEDs or fluorescent light.

In this section we have 5 groups of products:

With elastic front

Kasetony reklamowe z elastycznym frontem
There are no joints on the front side. They are illuminated by fluorescent light. It is perfect solution for very big formats.


Kasetony wytłaczane
Very nice looking. But they are also very difficult to produce, they must be ordered in bigger quantity.

With 3D shapes in front

Kasetony z wyfrezowanym frontem
Very good for logos and text, illuminated by LEDs and fluorescent lights. In various shapes, also made of plexiglas.

Front made of plexiglass

Kasetony reklamowe z frontem wykonanym z plexi
Different shapes, mounted on the base made of aluminium.

Standard fascia sign

Kasetony standardowe
1 or 2 sided, made of aluminium and plexiglass. They are illuminated by LEDs or fluorescent light.

Fascia signs, panels and trays – latest projects

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